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Carrier: Association “Snaga žene (Eng. Woman power)”

“Snaga Zene” provides psychological, social, medical, pedagogical and legal assistance to women, adolescents and children (refugees, displaced, domestic population, returnees) and civil victims of the war (victims of rape)  who suffered different types of war and post-war trauma in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Association “Snaga zene” Tuzla, enthusiastic team of employees has decided to turn their ideas and successful stories into the entrepreneurship project and cooperative called „Zelena Mreza“ (Green Net). Cooperative “Zelena Mreza” should ensure buying up the raw material from beneficiaries, engagement of beneficiaries in production process and market distribution of final product with the support of “Snaga Zene” management and cooperative “Zelena Mreza”.

In other words Cooperative will be legal entity through which our beneficiaries can sell their raw material, be present on the trade fairs, create final products and find market for them. Cooperative will create branding for those products and marketing. Cooperative “Zelena Mreza” is planning also to continuously support and buy raw material from at least 15 women (“Snaga Zene” beneficiaries) and to seasonally produce and distribute complete assortment of products. Market channels for the beginning will be trade fairs and internet selling through website. This will help our beneficiaries to increase their home budget and to earn money for their families.

When production develops they are planning to include some of the beneficiaries in production and give them paid job. Cooperative “Zelena mreža” will be social business because total profit will be invested in Snaga Zene’s projects (psycho- social, medical, legal and economic support) to victims of the war.