3D Printers are involved in the life of the refugees!


Carrier: Social MarketLab team

Social MakerLab is an innovation center established to solve problems in the society by using new technologies and to produce innovative solutions.

The 3D GooD brand is also one of the social initiatives of the Social MakerLab team.

3D GooD is a brand of design bag produced with 3D printers.

The birth of the 3D GooD brand is based on a beautiful and powerful story for us. When we were architect students in Syria, we met Omar who flew away from the war and came to Istanbul. It is known that there are close to 3 million Syrians in Turkey and Omar is only one of them. He is the one whose biggest dream is to be an architect and has to postpone his dreams when he fled to Istanbul. When we got together, he told us that he knows 3D design and wants to use it. We started to design bags together and started to produce with 3D printers. With new technologies, we created a fashion brand that carries futuristic lines.

With our income from the sale of bags, we will organize trainings for young people between the ages of 18-25 coming from Syria, where they can learn about new technologies, how they can experience and how they can create value by using technology.

Our purpose is to create value with new technologies, to show them how to start again without delaying their dreams and to create more beautiful, powerful stories together.