Bosnia and Herzegovina: SMART SUITCASE

Bosanski/hrvatski/srpski jezik

In last decade, professors of Faculty for Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy of University of Banja Luka have noticed that new generation of students have weak skills of basic environment knowledge and awareness what makes more difficult for students to attend classes and aquire new knowledge in subjects as math and geometry are.

Our idea is production and sales of „Smart suitcase“ which is basicaly suitcase filled withdifferent didactical materials, mostly made out of wood who, depending of the age of a person“ can be used in different purposes as playing, learning, development of the motoric and cognitive skills and creativity. Unlike the other didactical toys, this Smart suitcase comes with a manual with practical tasks who are solved only with the other parts of suitcase. The goal of this suitcase is to get students of pre-school and school age closer to geometry and math through quality and interesting content resulting with improved skills and knowledge.

Smart Suitcase is not only designed for children, but also for teachers in schools and kindergarten who may use this as perfect tool in modernization of learning programe and agenda when working on math with children.