Bosanski/hrvatski/srpski jezik

Due to the fact that our country is faced with a lot of examples of marginalization of certain groups as people with disabilities, children without parents from public institutions as „Dom-porodica“, etc. the goal of this project is to animate those target groups into social and health benefits of Zumba fitness activities.

This is why CSO Zumba with Dila and Nina has recognized the need to engage its resources in creation and improvement of the inclusivity culture through Zumba fitness trainings. Zumba fitness is one of the most innovative and currently most attractive methods of workout and dancing in the world and Bosnia and Herzegovina. It means a training which is a connection of physical activities with dancing exercises in the same time. In that way Zumba fitness is an ideal choice if you want to improve body condition, tighten muscles and have fun in the same time. The goal of this project is that by this way of practicing animate marginalized groups and incorporate inclusive principles into work of our CSO. Furthermore, CSO wants to initiate changes in fitness program agendas and also in social education of children and adults through inclusion, identification and prevention of exclusion of children and adults from extracurricular health processes.