Boutique “Nasa djeca”

Bosanski jezik

Carrier: Association “Nasa djeca (Eng. Our children)”

“Our children” is non-profit organization with aim to help children without family, without parental care and children with special needs. In the last three years, the Association Our Children has a second hand shop in Mostar, which proved to be very successful. The local population is able to find high quality items for reasonable prices and at the same time they have the opportunity to interact with people with special needs and to build long-lasting relationships with them. The annual cost of this store is 8,608 BAM (renting), electricity and transportation of goods from Sweden and England.

The purpose of this grant application is seeking money that would be directed to the project „Second Hand Shop“ in Mostar in order to create one more store. Another shop would create the possibility for new jobs for young people with special needs, as well as for former residents of the home. Currently, employees of second shop which are users of „Housing units“ do not receive financial compensation. Instead, money is used to pay housing, utility bills, food, medical supplies, personal hygiene products and therapeutic treatments. The establishment of an additional Second Hand Shop would provide the funds for the salaries to all workers in the shop.