HACKATHON- to help students suffering from dyslexia

Crnogorski jezik

An English teacher have met with numerous students who have suffered from different learning difficulties. There were hyperactive, visually impaired, hearing-impaired students and students with speech, psychomotor disabilities and epilepsy. Then, students with Down syndrome and those who had heavier mental disorders. However, the hardest work was with students who had problems in reading and writing, or suffered from dyslexia. According to the data, there are 5% of these students in Montenegro. In spite of continuous training and professional development, as well as interviews with parents, she has not found concrete solutions or any kind of assistance to the teachers of foreign languages, and also to these students to facilitate learning and made it more efficient.

I believe that I am not the only one who wants to work on this problem so I suggest the organizing a hackathon where not only teachers, but also professionals, doctors, speech therapists, psychologists and pedagogues, and perhaps parents who have a child with this problem, will be present and try to give some general and / or specific guidelines in dealing with dyslexic children. Hackathon is an entertainment event which lasts from one to several weeks and the aim is to find innovative solutions to the given topic. During hackathon, it is necessary to provide food and drink, excellent internet connection (wi-fi), a place for work and a place for rest and relaxation. Participants bring with them laptops, tablets or phones, creativity, good humor and sometimes competitive spirit (if they act as teams).

Once they come up with useful ideas and solutions, they will develop an action plan, and form a support group that will monitor and possibly organize more similar events.