I can manage my Time: Time Management Skills and Increasing Individual Qualification Training


Carrier: Time Management Skills

Time is one of one life’s most valuable possessions, while it is something you can never get back.

Subsequently, one of the most essential life skills to manage is time management. After all, time management is exactly life management.

Management time takes ridding your life of procrastination and a great deal of self – discipline. Mastering time management does more than just increase productivity. When time is managed wisely, it minimizes stress and improves the overall quality of your life. If you often find yourself run down by your daily workload or overwhelmed by the complexity of projects and tasks in your life, it is likely because you have not fully mastered effective time management. 

Time Management Project is indeed life management project.

My project target is to generalize among young people the consciousness of using time.

Time Educations on the framework of the Project, Young people who learned to manage time is going to share their knowledge with their new friends by using peer education system.

The consciousness of time management is generalized by sharing among young people, Young Masters will emerge one by one in effective time management.

The methodology of the project;

1. Core Professional Trainer Group (Academician, Professional Executive, Business Women or Businessmen) who will prepare the Project Basic Team, namely 1st Generation Project Instructors.

2. Educated Project the Basic Team will return to the provinces and disseminate the trainings to young and young adults in the areas they reside in

3. Training of second generation project trainers team among the training areas (3 day meetings - groups of 25 people)

4. As the project becomes more widespread, both the number of training areas will increase rapidly and the number of Project Instructors will increase rapidly.