Let’s bring village begin to live

Crnogorski jezik

Today, there is an increasing need for organic food which is unfortunately replaced by GMO which is carrying the harmful effects on the human body. In order to produce organic food, adequate conditions for its production need to be created, which means to deprive them of the ingredients that are harmful for people and the environment.

The replacement for artificial fertilizers, pesticides and other chemical additives is sheep manure that now do not exist in packages for distribution. Sheep manure has much more nitrogen, calcium and potassium, which makes plant food valuable, unlike the animal, which has significantly less calories. The need for this type of manure is an exceptional, first of all in Montenegro where a lot of people are opting for a professional production of organic food.

Thus, the idea is related to the packaging of natural fertilizers (in this case sheep manure) and its distribution on the market by the rural households whose primary activity is cattle breeding (sheep) which has already been registered as a grower of organic sheep meat.

The reasons for this idea are numerous. First of all, easy way of packaging of sheep manure in nylon bags and facilitate transportation to customers. The second reason is the economic empowerment of rural households through the maximum utilization of products (milk, meat, wool, and production of fertilizers as well). The third reason is that Montenegro, as a future member of the EU, undertakes to be oriented to organic food production and to have many registered organic food producers due to possible entrance in the international market. The fourth reason is the very high quality of sheep fertilizers, which is the primary one in the whole story, and it is high calorific value compared to cattle manure. In line with this story is the fact that there is no Montenegro household, engaged in packaging of sheep manure and placing it on the market, which implies that the product placement will be considerably easier, especially nowadays, when the production of organic food is experiencing the expansion.

The project aims to strengthen rural households through self-employment and entrepreneurship, to promote sustainable agriculture in Pljevlja villages and cultivation of sustainable-organic agriculture, as well as assistance in placing such products to consumers.