Light for Life

Crnogorski jezik

In Montenegro, there is a huge problem with traffic accidents which often occur at pedestrian crossings. Statistics show that in the last 5 years, in Montenegro, 91 pedestrian lost the life. Neither drivers nor pedestrians are careful enough.

Light4Life is a product, designed in two segments:

- the two pairs of infrared sensors on the movement, whicha are located on both sides of the pedestrian crossings,

- LED lights on the crosswalk.

When sensors register movement, LED lights turn on infrared signal and are activated. Lights are up when a pedestrian steps out into the crosswalk. In this way, the driver can see the pedestrian timely and slow the speed.

In addition, the product is environmentally-oriented, because the sensors are on solar energy, and are especially effective when it comes to poor visibility on the roads and a number of traffic lanes.

The initial plan is to make agreements with municipalities in Montenegro, but in a near future, we plan to become distributors of the necessary LED lights and sensors.

Also, there is a secondary market. Using the options on the sensors, it is a possibility to count the pedestrians, ie. data on the frequency at crossings and they could be sold to other companies for the purposes of marketing and advertising.

We are a team of socially responsible individuals who are trying to use technology to do more good. Our goal and mission are to increase awareness, responsibility and safety of all citizens. Thanks to our team members, we have the capacity to implement the idea based on the knowledge of information technology, marketing and economics.