Macedonia: "Click-to-Donate" web platform


Click-to-donate is a fundraising website where visitors to the website donate for a certain cause by clicking on advertisements (banners) (it can also be an organization or project). The financial resources are generated by advertisers (products /services that are advertised) that pay based on visits / clicks and thus improve their image as companies that are socially responsible. The ratio of funds that will be generated will be regulated according to the needs of the project and/or the organization that implements it. For example: 80% of the monthly income will be for the cause for which it is donated, and 20% will be for the team/organization that runs the project - the web platform (note: the stated ratio in percentage is only provided to serve as example. In a real situation, it will be additionally determined. For illustration purposes, it looks like this - the visitor to the website chooses the cause / organization / project he wants to donate, chooses an advertising banner from a product / service / company, scrolls advertisements with 5 clicks, and after the end of the last slide of the advertising content, the website informs the visitor that for the selected cause he donated 1 denar. The advertisers will be provided with access to their banners at any time. We believe that we will get the confidence that will strengthen the cooperation and will provide new advertisers.