Macedonia: Green key to a safer childhood


Every year, the inhabitants in the rural villages in Negotino face the appearance of acute contagious diseases, transmitted by swarms of harmful insects – flies. The reason for this enormous population of flies lies within the inadequate management of household waste, as well as the waste from the small improvised farms that almost every family in the villages has.  The objective of this green undertaking is to open the first farm for parasitoid wasps Nasonia, which will engage in breeding, reproduction and sale. The green product will enable protection through ecologic destruction of the flies using parasitoid wasps around the farms and the homes of the farmers’ families, in an efficient, biological manner, without use of insecticides. The small parasitoid wasp is 1.5mm big, usually active at night and with the ability to dig into the garbage at a depth of 20cm, where it finds the pupae of the flies, lays its eggs within them and destroys them. It is harmless for humans, animals and bees, does not attack and does not hive. The wasps will be packed in special boxes, protected from external influence and will be distributed and sold to farmers and other customers. The users of this product include the population in the rural areas, citizens in urban areas, farms, organic farms, public landfills and disinsection services.