Macedonia: Learning can be fun


Students from a very early age like working space, books, applications and materials that inspire them and make learning creative and fun. Technology, through educational applications, can help a lot to set the educational objectives and acquire skills. Diversity in the applications, which need to be developed in the languages of the teaching process, is helpful for all students, regardless of their competences and preferences. In order to implement this idea, a core group of teachers will be created who are willing to invest their time and knowledge. Through workshops, they will be trained on the process of developing educational applications including conception, design, programming (coding), linking to the objectives of the curriculum and drafting a manual for use and publication of the apps. The principle of universal design will be applied. The benefits will be used by the students, but also the teachers who will be using the apps and will be also able to adjust them on the basis of the interest and ability of their own students. Аn added value will be the sharing of knowledge among the teachers.