Macedonia: Social Enterprise For Laundry Services


The Roma Democratic Development Association “Sonce” will establish a social enterprise business which is going to be laundry services (washing and ironing service provider for sheets and bedding) from the restaurants and hotels in Tetovo. This social entrepreneurship will contribute to increasing the employment of Roma women in Tetovo and the improvement of livelihoods and living conditions of their families. On the other hand, the company will contribute to meet the needs of the market and provide services to restaurants and hotels. The company would do the collection of sheets and bedding directly; the washing, drying and ironing of the sheets and bedding; and the re-distribution of the sheets and bedding to the restaurants and hotels.

The company would start operating in the municipality of Tetovo first, and then be extended to the Municipality of Gostivar. The company will employ 10 Roma women and 2 Roma men from Tetovo. The 10 Roma women will be responsible for washing and ironing the sheets and bedding and the 2 Roma men will be responsible for transferring the sheets and bedding from the restaurants and hotels to the enterprise and vice versa. Sonce has found out that there is need for a business which will satisfy the needs of the restaurants and hotels. There is no other company within Tetovo which offers laundry services to restaurants and hotels.