Macedonia: Stay a child – keep your creativity and entrepreneurial spirit


The key problem that the current formal education system is facing is the fact that it continuously suffocates the inner children’s creativity that children at pre-school age have by definition. The idea is to create an interesting animated character at a pre-school age (2-4 years) who will be the main character in short animated videos. The videos will present different everyday life events that (s)he spends together with the other members of his family (mother and father who are not satisfied with their jobs, but are afraid to take risk and leave their “comfort zone” because they are afraid of failure, and an older sibling who is a high-school/university student with serious symptoms of “locked creativity” because of the influence of the educational system and the stereotypes imposed by their parents).

Each episode will confront the inner creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the child against the efforts to “suffocate” these characteristics of the parents. The older sibling will be “stuck in the environment” and, following the initial accusations on the account of the younger sibling’s “creative kid’s nonsense”, will stand on his/her side and they will jointly contribute to a change of their parents’ behavior. Actually, each episode ends with a jointly accepted message aimed to promote creative, innovative and entrepreneurial values such as thinking „out of the box“, learning through games, fun and breaking the established rules, no fear of mistakes, failure and being mocked by the surrounding, imagining things through pictures etc..