Crnogorski jezik

The aim of the project is to preserve a part of the watercourse of the river Ćehotina and to point out its ecological problems, because it is near the town of Pljevlja, the coal mine and Thermal Power Plant therefore it is a highly polluted river. We want to preserve currently the cleanest part of the Ćehotina River with this project. The part is upstream from the town, some 2 km away, in the area between 2 dams, in place Rabitlje.

This part is surrounded by two dams, built for the needs of the Thermal Power Plant and the expansion of coal, so there is no natural flow of fish species in this part and it has to be harvested, and the quality of water and flow velocity is the only corresponding on the entire course of the Ćehotina River.

So, we want to develop the fishing tourism in this part and undertake the following activities: cleaning of the mentioned river from the garbage, recording promotional spots on fishing on Ćehotina River, making Eco leaflet which we will distribute to young people in order to raise ecological awareness, arranging the future park in Rabitlje (setting up benches, baskets for waste, tables, boards), holding a round table on the theme of protection of the Ćehotina River, as well as supplying autochthonous brown trout.

We plan to proclaim the mentioned part of the river Ćehotina the fishing spot, where special daily fishing licenses 'catch and release the fish' should be applied. In this way, by developing fishing tourism in Pljevlja, we want to contribute to fishing line, beautiful natural environment, the clean river and rich fish fund.