Montenegro: SELJAK.ME

Crnogorski jezik is first Montenegrin digital village where all farmers can advertise their products. Within just few clicks every farmer can advertise their surpluses such as cattle, machinery, seedlings, manure, hay, etc. which are trying to sell and they can advertise it for free.  Also there is part of the website where we write articles about agriculture. On that part of website we are trying that through information improve production and give more access to information which can be used on daily basis production.


There was interest for domestic and traditional food products from customers so we created a part of website just for final products (food) called Agronet. Agronet is network that connects directly food producers and consumers and in best way present food offer from every part of county within just few steps. Also on Agronet there is a part of site reserved from counselling services, agriculture pharmacies, veterinaries, etc. and as well there is a Forum where farmers can communicate among themselves and through constructive dialogues help each other.


Farmers are main part of society because they produce what is most important to each of us to function on daily basis and that is food.  Better quality food means that we all improve our own quality of life so we need to help food producers to improve their production and to connect among themselves to help with better flow of information which is most important tool in agriculture.