Montenegro: ZNUGGLE

Crnogorski jezik

The facts:

1.Northern Montenegro offers limited economical activities on-site however lots of women have traditional skills such as crochet.

2. There is an increasing demand in Western countries for handmade and natural products with a story.

3. Sheep wool in Montenegro is often being thrown away as it requires lots of effort to process.

Our solution:

- Creating a Social Enterprise (Znuggle) to give women living in katuns in the mountains area around Berane additional economical activities: Znuggle follows the Fair-Trade principles, paying women a fair wage. Women working for Znuggle will do spinning and crocheting of woolen products, in their own time, at home or while watching their sheep flock.

- We reuse left over fruits and vegetables to create natural dyes for the wool harvested and spun in Montenegro. Our products are 100% made of waste. We create value from what has been discarded: demonstrating that Circle Economy is possible.

- Products are representing elements of Montenegro ecosystems (animals, plants, insects) and will become the characters of stories that will teach children the importance of protecting their environment. The models are modern and created by international designers.

- We will promote the products abroad through our networks of retailers and media and we expect it to give work to many women in vulnerable areas of Montenegro for many years.


We have been working on prototypes for the last year and are now ready to launch the production! With this Social Innovation grant, we will be able to immediately give women work to produce the first batch of Znuggle products.

Znuggle is a project supported by Zero Waste Montenegro which is an NGO whose mission is to promote the reduction of our production of waste while creating job opportunities in Montenegro.