Success stories

ACT Printlab d.o.o.

ACT Printlab d.o.o. is one of the first enterprises in the group, founded in 2007. by Autonomni centar ACT, today ACT Grupa, as a social enterprise for publishing, printing and computing.

Since its formation, it is one of the most stable companies in the group, creating income and profits for the enterprise and for the group, but also for the community. Namely, part of the profits of the company is given back to the community by annual call providing financial and in-kind donations to civil society organizations in Croatia, as well as co-financing community developmental projects. Thus, although being a small enterprise with only 4 employees and annual gross income around 1-1,5 million kuna, ACT Printlab donated more than 300.000,00 Kuna to civic projects and organizations, being a pioneer of such kind of profit distribution in Croatia.

The enterprise is providing graphic and web design services to civil society organizations and social entrepreneurs in Croatia and wider region, as well as enabling digital, offset and roto printing, badge and promotional material production. They earned many awards for their innovative products and services at the national and international level (web-site design, Ekoteka brand of recycled paper and textile notebook and similar office products, etc.). Namely, besides services, they started a line of own products from recycled materials which have been successful at the national and international markets.

This shows that quality of products and services is prerequisite for a sustainable success in social enterprising in the same way it is crucial in “ordinary” businesses. However, it is also indicating it is a reachable goal if a proper team is in place who could provide competitive products and services for the local, national and/or international markets. We strongly believe that this sort of success may be replicated by other social enterprises not only in this branch but across all sectors using the same organic growth business models.

Of course, innovation oriented attitude is that what creates a difference in today’s global market and ACT Printlab is a small example of how careful and sustained orientation toward experimentation and innovation can create relevant breakthroughs even for very small, social aims devoted business group.