Success stories

Active Stirling

Each and every area of Active Stirling is driven by the same belief – that everyone living in the Stirling Council area is entitled to participate in the sport and physical activity of their choice, irrespective of their age, ability or circumstance.

We have 4 clear goals:

  • Ensure the opportunities to participate exist – fun, safe, quality opportunities that are relevant to local needs
  • Put in place the programmes and facilities necessary to bring about these opportunities
  • Maximise the number of people participating locally, and the frequency with which they participate
  • Develop productive partnerships between relevant agencies.

Key facts and figures:

  • We were founded in 2006 and are now a leading leisure trust with a turnover of £5.4m. We employ over 200 people with over 1.2 million customer visits each year
  • The £27.3m flagship facility, The PEAK which we manage on behalf of Stirling Council averages 2300 customer visits each day
  • In addition to managing all the facilities at The PEAK and Stirling Sports Village, we manage and provide a whole host of facilities, events, programmes and activities delivered by our health and wellbeing, coaching, sport, school sport and facility teams
  • Our health and wellbeing team provide over 200 weekly group fitness classes across Stirling attracting 11,600 participants each month
  • Our coaching team provides the coaching and volunteering pathway across schools, clubs and communities
  • Our club, sport and outdoor development team connects schools, communities and clubs in Stirling supporting more than 105 clubs with over 12,000 of Stirling’s population taking part in competitive or recreational sport
  • Our school sport team manage the Active Schools, dance and early years programmes bringing education, sport development and coaching together within schools and the wider community. Our highly experienced facilties team ensure all our facilities operate safely and efficiently, providing value for money and a great service to the local community