Success stories

Agrorevolution-producing and packing meat to the highest standards

Sandi Salkić from Cazin decided to take advantage of domestic production of meat and invest considerable effort and funding to existing knowledge to raise it on a higher level. Specifically, Sandi decided to start his own company “Agrorevolution”.

The family business of manufacturing high-quallity domestic meat dates back to 60s and Sandi Salkić decided to improve it and to give it a contemporary form. Having decided to realize the idea of their own business which he was considering on an early age, Salkić has completed the first Nutritional college in order to gain new knowledge and skills from the field, nad after that he decided to start his own company “Agrorevolution” in which he is planing to produce and pack meat to the highest standards. Most importanly, no one so far in Bosnia and Herzegovina did not tried anything similar.

The aim of Agrorevolution is to be first in Bosnia and Herzegovina to produce meat that has highest and proven quality. They have a special recipe which they feed their cattle. On their products there will be clearly visible who and how was meat produces, and will also have HACCP and Halal certification.

In their business they are working with a partner Mozaik Foundation, and 51% of profit will be placed to develop local communities and other business ideas that will contribute to the development of the economy.

Production and sales will initially apply only in market in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but over time, they plan to extand it to the international market as a domestic brand.