Success stories


The Association for people with cerebral, and infantile cerebral palsy Bajina bašta was established with the aim to contribute to better living condition of persons with disabilities – especially persons with infantile cerebral palsy.

They achieve their goal primarily through the work engagement of the association members in the workshop for the production of unique souvenirs and through their print shop.  

The Association gathers people with cerebral and infantile cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, plegia, children with developmental disabilities and others. They also gather parents/carers and help them share their experiences and help.

Their goal is to improve all aspects of disability welfare of persons with disabilities - particularly in the area of health, social and legal protection, education, employment and cultural needs. They are committed on working on education and raising public awareness about the needs and abilities of people with disabilities, particularly people with cerebral palsy and infantile cerebral palsy.