Success stories

Association of disabled of cerebral and child paralysis Užice

Association of disabled of cerebral and child paralysis Užice is a non-profit, non-partisan humanitarian organization founded by a group of people with disabilities with the support of professionals- volunteers.

Such a way of self-organization and gathering helps to realistically look at their remaining opportunities, encourage self-initiative for disabled to articulate their needs themselves. Due to the nature of the disability, this person has difficulty in realizing his / her own life needs and is committed to supporting his / her environment. The association has 130 members predominantly children and young people.

Our intention is to produce healthy food in the form of dried fruits and vegetables in accordance with innovative technology within the company for the professional rehabilitation and employment of persons with disabilities "Green Field". In this way, we will employ a certain number of people with disabilities (with increasing capacity and increasing the range of time, increasing number) in the long term, to be able to hit the market with an attractive and high quality offer with an indispensable social dimension. To show that people with disabilities can produce something that is new in the market, high quality, healthy and marketable.

After the company's registration in the middle of the year, we will be able to offer dried forest fruit (strawberry, raspberry, blackberry, red currant and aronia), musli of this dried fruit and mix of dried fruit in a minced form. A product that does not exist on the market of the entire region (former Yugoslavia, and perhaps even wider), made by persons with disabilities.