Success stories

Association Green Osijek (Udruga Zeleni Osijek)

The concept and the idea for creation of a house in nature Zlatna Greda belongs to the Association for Nature and Environment Protection Green Osijek (Zeleni Osijek) .

The association was founded in the year 1995 and it has, since then, mostly been focused on preservation of natural and cultural resources as well as to a sustainable development of middle Podunavlje. The vision of Zeleni Osijek is to create a fair and ecologically sustainable society in which one can have a high quality of living in coexistence with society and nature.

The mission is to motivate citizens to preserve nature and the environment and to improve the quality of living through advocacy, promotion and appliance of ecologically justified technologies and sustainable development. The area of action for the Association is preservation of nature and the environment, public avocation and motivation of publics participation in the decision-making processes and promotion of sustainable development through lectures, public presentations, exhibitions, round tables, conferences and video materials.

The Association, in the year 2003, has founded a house in nature called the eco centre Zlatna Greda; the distance from Osijek to the eco centre Zlatna Greda is a 30-minute drive. The wilderness Zlatna Greda originated in the middle of the 19th century. The word “greda” or beam refers to a high ground in a forest flood area while the adjective “zlatna” or golden most likely comes due to the abundance of oak forests.

Today this wilderness is a part of NATURA 2000 area by the Danube river and the cross-border reservation of biosphere Mura-Drava-Danube. In the year 2011 the Ministry of Culture declared the wilderness a protected cultural heritage; more than half a million of Euros have been invested in the reconstruction through numerous EU projects, the Ministry of tourism and the Croatian Tourist Board.

The eco centre Zlatna Greda is a carefully designed concept that provides the possibilities and the experience of coexistence and cooperation between men and nature as well as learning and having fun at the same time. This eco centre functions through practical examples of sustainable development, such as renewable sources of energy, waste management and separation, social entrepreneurship and responsible business. The mission of the eco centre is that through the wilderness one empowers himself as a new protector and promotor of natural and traditional beauties of the middle Podunavlje. 

The offer of the eco centre Zlatna Greda is based on active programmes, school in nature, adventurous programmes and team building programmes. In the year 2016, on the day of Nature protection of the Republic of Croatia, on the premises of Zlatna Greda the first adrenalin park in Eastern Croatia was opened. The park consists of three levels – mini park for the youngest, lower levels up to three meters in height and the high levels of eight meters in height alongside with the artificial climbing rocks. The adrenalin park is built in all-natural surrounding which makes it interesting and environmentally friendly.