Success stories

Association of the Persons with Disabilities “Prijatelj” (Friend)

Association of the Persons with Disabilities “Prijatelj” (Friend) was established in 2003 in town of Metković. This area has 526 registered disabled persons, out of whom 119 of them are children and youth up to 18 years age.

210 disabled persons are members of the association, together with 46 supporting members and 30 volunteers. The purpose of the association is to contribute to development of social and economic system which would recognize and respect the dignity and needs of the persons with disability. The association provides prevention, diagnostics and therapeutic services (logopedic, Snoezelen and neurofeedback therapeutic methods), transportation services as well as education programs and working therapy programs. One of the spin-offs of the association is a local foundation, Zaklada Neretvansko srce (Foundation Heart of the Neretva).

It also organizes philanthropic and volunteering programs. However, association initiated social entrepreneurship activities early on, recognizing the potential of economic activities for association development and realization of the association’s objectives.

It started with production of religious souvenirs for Međugorje and Christmas celebration but soon their products addressed the potential of the tourist markets in the Dubrovnik Neretva County and local hand-made autochthonous souvenirs promoting local heritage and tradition of the Neretva area.