Success stories

Association Sunce (Sun)

Association Sunce was founded in 1998 by a group of local intellectuals who felt prompted to establish an independent expert body to provide solutions for protection of environment and nature.

Association main activities are divided into two main programs: (1) Nature Protection Program and (2) Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Program.

Nature Protection Program involves projects and activities oriented to improvement of natural resources, protected areas and endangered habitats and species management, development and promotion of a responsible nature protection and natural resources utilization public policies, improvement of knowledge on state of the species and habitats and improved public awareness and participation in nature protection and sustainable natural resource usage.

Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development Program includes developmental and promotional activities in implementation of a responsible environmental protection public policies at local and national level, public awareness raising and participation in environmental protection and sustainable development, sustainable waste management based on waste creation prevention, reuse and recycling, and sustainable tourism development and promotion.  

Association is mostly funded from projects. 65-80% of the annual budget of the Association comes from international sources, primarily the foundation for the protection of nature and environment and EU funds. To reduce its dependence on projects and donors and ensure the necessary co-financing

part of the individual contests, Sunce began with the development of social entrepreneurship within the organization. Although there is a strong interest of corporate sector to donate the Association and its programs, Sunce recognizes that donors of this type conflict with the goals of Sunce, as they directly represent environmental contaminants and their donations tend to exclusively promote their business, hence there is a strong sense of self-constrain regarding acceptance of this kind of donations.

Sunce specialized itself in providing consultancy and expert services related to its core field of expertise. Thus, it started to compete in public tenders for studies, management plans and strategies related to environmental and nature protection issues. Its clients are national parks, nature parks and county institutions for protected areas as well as other interested public-sector bodies and institutions.

About 2% of the annual budget comes from self-financing from fees and organization of social events. Although it seems that in Croatia it is not possible to achieve significant funding through membership fees, increase in membership is very important for visibility and achieving the objectives of the organization.

Association Sunce is also educational base of the University of Split.