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Bakery “Bejgl”-homemade bagel by New York recipe in Belgrade

While there has been initiatives for its adoption, in Serbia there is no law on social entrepreneurhip, so social enterprises have no relief during the establishment and operation. The social economy of Serbia SENS has about 30 members and supports social

Bagel Бејгл may just seem as another shop in the neighborhood, but it is not!

To taste a real New York Bagel you don’t have to cross thousands of miles and spent a few thousand euros. This traditional Jewish pastry,which has found its place in the Anglo-Saxon kitchen, can be found in dozens of different flavors, salty and sweet, for a few hundred pounds, in the center od Belgrade.

This space, people, and concept are part of the struggle that has lasted more than twelve years – the struggle for just society of equals of equals, promoting difference and solidarity. The shop is founded by NGO Atina – an organization that has been advocating for the rights of victims of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation with the aim to support sustainability of its programs since 2003.

The moment you enter the shop, all will be crystal clear. Our bagels are made out of selected types of wheat and the ingredients are selected from the highest quality. We believe that you cannot start the day without Bagel Бејгл’s combination of healthy and delicious options.

Every city needs to have its own bagel to be a metropolis. Belgrade now has its Bagel Бејгл shop – an oasis of great taste where you can treat yourself to mouthwatering food and also contribute to the struggle for a better world.