Success stories

Biodynamic garden from Čakovec

To deal with organic agricultural production in Croatia is difficult, but when we think about hiring hardly hirible categories, especially those from marginalized groups, it seems almost impossible.

However, social agricultural cooperative “Home Garden” from Čakovac proves the oposite.

On 14 hectares of land behind the former military Nikola Šubić Zrinski in Čakovac, on the land that was not in use for 20 years, emerged the “Home Garden”, the first Croatian social agricultural cooperative dealing with organic production and thereby employing marginalized social groups. All of you who think that this people are iliterate, you are wrong.

The project was implemented from 1 August 2013 do 31 July 2014, and through it total of 21 person of Roma nationality was trained for growing fruits and vegetables on the biodynamic method and the cultivatin and collection of herbs and 15 of them were later hired.