Success stories

Centar za Romske Inicijative (Center for Roma Initiatives)

It was founded in September 2004 as the first female Roma and Egyptian organization.

The goal of the organization is to create opportunities for improving the social, economic and cultural-educational position of Roma women and Egyptians in Montenegrin society.

The mission of the organization is to advocate against discrimination in family and society and to provide an active contribution to the improvement of the position of Roma and Egyptian women and children in Montenegro.

In cooperation with CARE International, an agro-cooperative ’From Our Hands’ (MNE: Od nasih ruku) was created on March, 29, 2017, whose primary activity is the cultivation and sale of raspberries and other fruits. One director, agronomist and seasonal workers are employed.  In the forthcoming period, the agro-cooperative plans in fruit industry, recruiting Roma and Egyptians from Niksic, who belong to vulnerable categories. As they have established the cooperation with the local community and gained the credibility of a trusted partner, they will get easier to potential buyers of raspberry through this project.


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