Success stories

Center for development of agrotourism – Petnjica

Center was founded in 2007 as a desire for affirmation and development of the Petnjica area.

With the support and cooperation of Amitie Luxemburg-Montenegro and the Ministry of foreign affairs of Luxemburg, many projects and events which will make the Bihur area a visible tourist destintion were realised. On of the Center's goals is the preservation of tradition, culture and customs of the Bihor area. With the arrival of tourists  there was an increase for homemade food and souvenir products. Products form the ,,Centar za seoski razvoj'' have a certificate, and are recognised for their quality and slogan '' Najbolje iz Bihora''.

As well as developing their main mission, the Center is involved in a number of different projects like: Eduction of children about prevention of drug addicitons, lectures about the status and gender equality of women in Montenegro, english courses etc. In collaboration with ,,Centar za podršku djeci i porodici'' from Bijelo Polje, a project called “Osmisli život bez droge” was relaised a movie called '' Život bez droge '' .

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