Success stories

Cluster Riznica

Cluster Riznica was established in early 2017 in Nikšić. A string desire for self-employment and the desire to express talent, had led 10 women, who are engaged in handicrafts, to join and establish NGO Cluster Riznica.

The association gave then an easier access to the market, information and materials they needed to work.

So far they have performed at fairs and in the future they hope to open a souvenir shop in which they will be able to expose and sell their products.

The NGO Cluster Riznica offers this following products:

  • A work on silk;
  • Jewelry made from artistic wire;
  • Restoration of the subjects;
  • Various decorations for the house;
  • Wooden Montenegrin souvenirs;
  • Natural aroma cosmetics.

Their goal is to develop their activities in order to make better services and products. They believe that the NGO Cluster Riznica will come to life, and that people will hear about them even outside the borders of Montenegro.