Success stories

Company “Bozic and sons” as a social responsible business

The company “Bozic and sons” during the 26 years of work is dealing with transporting, recycling electronic and electrical waste and all kinds of light bulbs, as well as software development and consulting services in the field of waste management.

Company “Bozic and sons” is the only authorized Microsoft refabricant in this part of Europe. The basic idea of environmental actions in this company is tutoring local communities in Serbia, primarly about what is electronic and electrical waste, what it means to be treated properly, and why is dangerous and why is deposited in eamarked containers.

General Menager of company “Bozic and sons”, Nikola Egić, said that business “Bozic and sons” means that with environmental protection they provide improvement of the environment of our community. He pointed out that the company “Bozic and sons” has a firm stance and good will to help the community.