Success stories

The cooperative NEOS

Social Cooperative Neos is a non-profit organization that employs rehibilated addicts and is helping them in their reintegration in society.

The association “No-addiction” in 2009 has launched a social entrepreneurship “NEOS” to help rehabilitated addicts to solve their existential questions in life because they are often facing many prejudices. Since in the market the only good reference is reliability and quality that service provides, “NEOS” contributed to break down the stereotypes of drug addicts as a purely destructive people.

The mission of the cooperative is the inclusion of former addicts in normal working and living processes, successful social reintegration and the development of social enterprises.


  1. Production and installation of concrete products
  3. Maintenance of green areas and channels
  4. Laser engraving and cutting
  5. Digital printing
  6. Transport
  7. Migration services