Success stories


Two friends stand behind the name dajdaj. They have invested their own funds to start the production of bamboo cloth diapers.

The production employs women over 50 belonging to the group of hard-to-employ women who used to work in the textile industry but still have met the retirement criteria.

The basic idea and the social mission of DajDaj d.o.o. is to make certain profits by selling cloth diapers to be invested in the further development and expansion of the production, expansion of product offerings for children and organization of children's eco-festivals, where in addition to cloth diapers, other local producers of environmental and natural products would be presented. Moreover, they are actively working to expand the network of beneficiaries in order to collect used diapers which would be given away to vulnerable families. The initiative has been successfully launched by achieving cooperation with the Vracar Municipality, which included DajDaj diapers in the packages all babies born in the municipality receive.

In 2012, DajDaj Ltd. will implement the project called “5,000 Green Diapers”, and in cooperation with the Fund for Environmental Protection 5,000 diapers will be given to new born babies in Serbia.