Success stories

Green Islands-amusement park

Dino Bešlagić, a young social entrepreneur from Bosanska Krupa, is an example of how, with appropriate idea, and ambicion you can get adequate support to start your own social business.

Bešlagić is social entrepreneur of “Green Islands” business. He made his positive story through the investment of the Foundation Mozaik.

Green Islands as a social business is an amusement park who is working through its environmental activities in order to conserve natural resources and to promote the natural and cultural treasures of our region, through its offer of cycling tours, rafting, camping etc.

He points out that the primay objectives of the Amusement Park is promotion of natural and cultural values of Bosanska Krupa, and to improve the tourism offer. He adds that they want to attract as many tourists in this city as they can. The most important thing is that 51% of their profit will be invested in other social businesses.

This kind of support is necessary for young people, and therefore the progress of our contry. The chance that the young people can create a real thing with their creative ideas is something new in Bosnia and Herzegovina, but at the same time and an indication that things are moving forward.