Success stories

Hedona d.o.o.

Hedona d.o.o. (Ltd) Križevci is a social enterprise which was founded in spring of 2013 as a result of a European Union funded project; the project is “Chocolateria Cris – Chocolatery of Križevci”.

The social enterprise Hedona has ensured a comfortable business surrounding for a total of nine people, from which six people are with disability.  The employment model has been developed through the project – work places need to be created for people with disabilities who are finishing high school to become confectioners (pastry chefs) and which become long-term unemployed upon graduation.  

Therefore, the initiative has been initiated and founded by Association of the Disabled Križevci who tried to resolve issues and problems that their members are experiencing. The members, mostly, are young people whose first employment is in Hedona. The dedication and enthusiasm of the employees has ensured a positive work environment, which resulted in creating and starting, with the help of technologists, a manufacture of chocolate and pralines. That resulted in hiring a director that made sure that sales and placement of the products was done properly and professionally.

The mission of Hedon is to produce quality products and in the next ten years employ all the unemployed disabled people that live in Križevci. The vision is to reinvest profit of the enterprise in creating new job opportunities and to form long-term values – satisfied and motivated employees who work in a pleasant work environment and produce the finest chocolate and chocolate pralines.

The main activity of the company is the production of chocolate and chocolate pralines and what makes it different from all other companies with similar production is that Hedona is a social enterprise which employees mostly disabled people. The enterprises priority orientation is towards a socially beneficial good and wellbeing of every employee as well as towards continuous development of the enterprise and the employees themselves.

The profit made by the enterprise is reinvested back into the enterprise and into the employees – resulting in development of their competencies and satisfaction with their work place. Furthermore, the profit is also invested in opening and creating new employment opportunities and the development of enterprises technological capacities as well as diversifying and bettering the enterprises activities.