Success stories

HERA women’s club

HERA women's club brings together women who cherish traditional trades and apply them to the unique, handmade products.

This association was founded in 2001 in Bačka topola, in order to economically and socially empower women. Their products are traditional handicrafts such as sewing, embroidery and tailoring. They make handbags and tablecloths, clothes and pottery. Our target group are women from rural areas who have lost their jobs, but have knowledge of craftwork and various forms of manual labour. For them Hera organises training for occupations that do not require large investments and initial capital so that these women could use their knowledge acquired in training. With the assistance of employment centres they can launch their own enterprises, usually in the form of cooperatives.

In this way, the unemployed women in rural areas have the opportunity to learn something useful and do the things they like and are experienced in. Now they can turn their knowledge into steady income without large initial capital.