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Karlovac Women's Group "Korak"

Karlovac Women's Group "Korak" is a non-governmental, non-profit, non-political association that works since August 1998. to protect human, especially women's and children's rights, protection of families and protection against violence.

They provide assistance to all women and children victims of violence irrespective of their racial, ethnic or religious background. They say that the purpose of establishing this association is to improve the position of women in the Karlovac County area through the promotion and protection of women's and children's human rights and by empowering women to actively engage in the social life of the community.

Their goals are providing information on violence; awareness, recognition of causes and consequences of violations of human, women's and children's rights; providing support, assistance and protection to women and children victims of all forms of violence; strengthening their self-confidence and self-confidence in assuming responsibility for themselves, and making decisions and taking action to ensure independence.

Karlovac Women's Movement "Korak"  mission is to raise the level of sensitivity and responsibility of society for issues of human, women's and children's rights, promotion and lobbying for their practical implementation and realization in everyday life, prevention and immediate protection of women and children victims of domestic violence.

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