Success stories


LICEULICE is a citizens association founded in Belgrade with the aim to contribute to social emancipation, economic, cultural, and social inclusion and poverty reduction.

We achieve our goals primarily by issuing the magazine of the same name sold by members of marginalized who keep a half of the earned income.

Their vendors are homeless, street youth, the poorest and most vulnerable individuals. Before they start working, future vendors attend training for salespeople to help them develop social skills and sales skills, show them the method of distribution, the magazine itself and the rules of conduct.

In this way Liceulice offers opportunities for marginalized groups to legally generate income, to get employed and acquire specific applicable knowledge and skills, on order to be socially and economically included. In a wider sense, it contributes to poverty reduction, increased employment and alleviates social and cultural exclusion.

We pride ourselves on: Our success is 60 satisfied vendors from marginalized groups and many readers who, by buying the magazine help vulnerable people and read interesting articles on various social issues.