Success stories

LOLA - 20 years old social enterprise

LOLA Entrepreneurship LTS id an enterprise for employment and vocational rehabilitation of persons with disabilities. It was founded in 1997.

The enterprise is engaged in the production of paper and cardboard packaging for food, textile, footwear and pharmaceutical industry, the production of food (frozen dough, pasta and biscuits). The enterprise also provides services of technical inspection of vehicles, driving tests for the "B" category (driving school activity) and we also provide fire extinguishers servicing. The enterprise is also engaged in the retail sale of petroleum products and LPG for cars and home appliances.

The main objective of the Lola Entrepreneurship is inclusion of people with disabilities in working and social environment and their positioning as equal members of society through employment and vocational rehabilitation, through their training and retraining. The quality of products that they have achieved is the proof that the work and technological ability of people with disabilities by no means fall behind in terms of any given criterion.