Success stories

From NGO to the first social enterprise in Montenegro

The pioneers of the NGO sector came up with the idea to establish PR Center modeled on the Belgrade Media Center.

Inability to free, in quality manner and in spirit of the habits and standards of the countries in the region, organize a press conference at which the public will be informed about its mission, activities, results and point out to the current problems, the pioneers of the NGO sector came up with the idea to establish PR Center modeled on the Belgrade Media Center. Opening of the Centre, which will provide support to the civil sector and become service on their way to the media, was considered as important by side of Norwegian People's Aid NPA in Belgrade and with the help of their donations in the amount of 27,000. 00 euros, PR Center was opened in 2003.

The civil society organizations used PR services for free of charge such as organizing press conferences, training and seminars and their members attended seminars and training ‘Public relations and the media’. We have built the image of services for non-governmental organizations in their relations with the media and we remained faithful to the mission until today.  

The results, which we are especially proud of, are as follows:

•             In the first year, when the PR Centre services were free of charge and civil sector was in the initial stage of development, 240 press conference for non-governmental organizations were organized free of charge;

•             For 13 years, we have subsidized the civil sector with around € 191,820 through various concepts

Due to limitations in the development of this business idea in accordance with the Law on Non-Governmental Organizations in Montenegro, PR Center established PR & Media Consultancy llc on April, 24, 2011, a company which organizes its work by applying the principles of social entrepreneurship - providing commercial services to the private and state sector and directing its economic/commercial activity through the Company.

PR & Media Consultancy llc is a business that produces services for the civil sector and the market economy. Despite the lack of policy for social enterprises, the Company applies in its work all components of the social economy, entrepreneurial dimension, social dimension, the distribution of profits to social development goals defined in the mission of the founder (PR Center - promotion of actions and values from civil society on their way to the media) and increase in fixed assets of the company.

Since 2011, this business idea has been successfully developed and promoted, while commercial services from event management and public relations followed the developments and new trends in the market, so PR & Event Agency is one of the most recognized today in Montenegro providing full services of this kind.

In 2015, the Company has launched a free service for NGOs, called #PRpress service, through which it implements and demonstrates the social dimension of this business idea.

PR team prepares press releases from the civil sector, publishes them on the in section - Other events, distributing them to the media and other interested individuals and organizations.

The following has been achieved so far through this service:

  1. Over 70 video interviews were broadcasted in the main news and published in all Montenegrin printed media and portals,
  2. More than 500 press releases were processed which through PR communication channels find their way to the media and
  3. Provided fully PR & Event support for three campaigns implemented by NGO.

PR Center is the winner of the award 2015 from Montenegrin Employers Federation for Corporate Social Responsibility in the category "Care for the community."


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