Success stories

Only natural - Sofi cosmetics

The company “Sophie” in Novi Sad is in property of young couple Draženka and Doran Šoća who are producing natural soaps, baths, deodorants and labels.

They began there work in 2009, when “Lush”, the famous British producer for natural cosmetics, retreated for a short from the Serbian market. With the founding which provided Nacional Employment Service they have lunched a manual production of soaps from natural materials. With the expansion of there market they spread the range of their assorment too. Meanwhile, they had hired a person with hearing impaired as a pharmaceutical technician. When they decided to develop products that require laboratory conditions, they have applied for a grant which would allowed them to do that.

In the production of natural cosmetics they use many ingredients, such as cocoa butter, coconut oil and various essential oils, so the selection of raw materials and quality is very important. They mainly supply some sort of cold squeezed oil, goat milk and herbs such as lavander in Serbia, but the most part, about 80% they supply all around the world. At the same time, thanks to such quality, they have a chance to go to a very finicky international markets. They started to export to Switzerland, and now they entered to the Japanese market too. They have a recognizable packing design too, for which in 2013 they had recived a silver award in the “European Design Awards”.