Success stories


Open Center ''Bona Fide'' is a non-government organisation for women.

It's mission is to eliminate all forms of violence and discrimitation against women and children by involving them in educational programs, with help and asistance for victims of violence,  collaboration with institutions, promotion and protection of womens rights.

Their mission involves creating a safe space for women's activism, deconstruction of the patriarchy, economic encouragment and spreading women's autonomy. By working with women and talking with the users of the center, a need for economic empowerment is to be of the most importance. Economic dependence of women to their partners is one of the big reasons why women stay in abusive relationships. For the users of the center,  work occupation terapy consist of different creative workshops such as weaving, sawing, making  jewelry and souvenirs from different materials.

Their workshop is working on the principle of a small women's business and the money they got with their sold merchandise are reinvesting back into the organisation.

SOS line for women and children is operating within the center since 1999, and since 2012 another service for supporting the victims - Prihvatilište za žene i djecu žrtve nasilja.