Success stories

Play teach grow a didactic game for children

Nowdays internet and modern technology took over the role of teachers, didactic educational games are left behind. The very importance of the game is today often underestimated or even forgotten.

Our society can be very proud because there are still those who do not underestimate the importance of didactic games and recognize their importance through the early growth and development of the child. The company Igraj Uči Rasti (Play Teach Grow) was launched to resolve problems such as growing number of disorders in children of preschool and school age. Igraj Uči Rasti d.o.o. is a social business and was named as one of the most successful business plan in the first business incubator of the Mozaik Foundation. It contributes to solve or alleviate the problem of improper development of children, lack of stimulation of cognitive and intellectual abilities in the years crucial for physical and mental development, which directly affects the prospects of society in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Igraj Uči Rasti at the 12th Trade Fair in Tešanj signed a contract for the best business idea in Tešanj in 2016. Maglić says that they have had a great support from Municipality of Tešanj but without the skills that Mozaik Foundation provided in the business incubator, the final product idea, probably would not have seen the light of the day.

This is the first product of this young team which in the future plans to work on development of other educational games and toys. Experts of child development agree that early and diverse gaming facilitates understanding of language, reading and writing skills. We know that playful children are happier, better adjucted, more social, and are popular with their peers than those who play less.