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Association of parents of childern with disabilities.

Association was founded in 2008,  as a non-profit, non-government and non-partisan association, with the goal to gather parents of children with disabillities ( menthal or physical ), citizens, humanitarians, donators, sponsors and experts that want to help the association in socialization, rehabilitation and intergration in social and work enviroments of children and youth with disabilities. Since it was founded in 2008,  Association executed over 30 different projects. Association and it's members were actively involved in UNICEF campaigns ,, Govorimo o mogućnostima'' and '' Svi u vrtić''.

Their vision is equal involvment of people with disabilities in all segments of a democratic society.

Their mission is the affirmation of joint possibilities and equal involvment of people with disabilities in regular social life.

This association is a member of the union ,, Naša inicijativa'' with 20 other non- government organisations for people with disabilities form the Montenegro region. 

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