Success stories

Recycle together- Association UZOR Croatia

The Association for Sustainable Development of Croatia (UZOR Croatia) has developed innovative and sustainable system for separate collection of paper for recycling with cargo bicycles which is from Koprivnica also expanding to other cities.

The Mission of the Association is an action for sustainable development of Croatia on socially responsible and innovative way. Their goal is to establish a free system for collection of old (waste) paper with bicycles from door to door in suburban areas and surrounding places. Their intention is to collect 360 tons of waste paper with cargo bikes, save 6.120 trees (one beautiful forest), to prevent emissions of 87 tons of greenhouse gases (CO2), create 2 new jobs for long-term unemployed and marginalized social groups, have a total of 5 employed bicycle drivers and provide a free service of collection of waste paper for 10,000 households in the city Koprivnica and its surroundings.