Success stories

Rose from Lebane

Association “Rose” and the local government formed a “Social Enterprise Rose DOO Lebane” in which 11 women, mainly disabled womens, are preparing food for the winter market. The company which they have opened is not only for employees, but it can be also

This startup has been opened in the framework of the project “Social entrepreneurship for socially responsible society” which was approved by the EU and the governments of Serbia nad Switzerland through the Progress program. At the end of the project Association and Municipalities Lebane have founded “Rose” company. “Rose” has invested 60%, and local government 40% of the money.

President of the Municipality of Lebane Srđan Jović said that the Association “Rose” gives a good example of how you can work good and he expressed his belief that many others will start with their footsteps. The newly appointed director of the company Predrag Stosić said that the whole project started because of faith in people.

This company produces all kinds of domestic chutney without preservatives or any other chemicals, whose shelf life is two years, then, different kinds of jams and preserves, and they are planing to further develop the program.