Success stories

Skuhna – Delicacies for overcoming society problems

Skuhna, found right in the heart of the city, may look like just another restaurant, but it really began as a social enterprise with the aim of integrating immigrants in Ljubljana by creating job opportunities...

What was the best way of doing this? By combining the one passion we all share in common: the love for food.

Noting the culinary skills of many migrants, especially when cooking traditional dishes from their countries of origin, as well as the demand for African, Asian and South American food in Ljubljana at the time, the founders of Skuhna decided to combine supply and demand and open the restaurant. It was a huge success, and today, Skuhna offers its a different menu every day, depending on the different chefs coming in to cook. In Skuhna, they prepare authentic delicacies from Africa, Asia and South America. The dishes are prepared by migrants based on their recollection of how their mothers and grandmothers prepared the food. Each day of the week, they await guests with authentic dishes (soups, main dishes, salads, desserts,..) from a different country.

On Monday you can go to Tunisia, on Tuesday maybe to Zimbabwe, or to Nigeria on Wednesday, than you may travel to Algeria, Argentina or Iran for the rest of the week after which new experience is coming on international delicacies.

Through their work, the people over at Skuhna are spreading the values of respect, tolerance, responsibility, awareness and diversity to both locals and immigrants. They are showing the world that having a team with members coming from all over the world is a recipe for success. The restaurant is now also serving as a cultural hub for talks, music sessions and workshops to take place, offering a venue where Slovenians and minorities can connect and interact freely. 

 Skuhna invites everyone each Thursday at 7pm to discussion panels on socially relevant themes and each Friday at 7pm to a traditional five-course dinner at which world stories are told. Once a month on Saturdays at SkuhnaWOOD, films from Africa, Asia and South America are screened and creative workshops held for children.

Skuhna also offers catering services, home food delivery and space rentals.