Success stories

SMART START Macedonia: HubIT – social enterprise for testing web sites

HubIT offers services to companies/institutions/organizations for testing accessibility of their web pages, as well as development of affordable IT solutions.

HubIT, on the one hand, offers services to persons with disabilities (access space, IT training and soft skills training, employment support, counseling, etc.), and on the other hand, offers services to companies / institutions / organizations for testing accessibility of thier web pages, as well as development of affordable IT solutions.

HubIT offers skills development and improvement for persons with disabilities and contributes to reducing their unemployment. Margarita Gulevska, one of the managers of HubIT assures that through accessible e-information and e-services, everyone will be able to use their potential and be active member in the society, especially on the labor market. However, HubIT’s focus now is offering services to companies and enterprises for testing their web pages aiming at increase the accessibility for people with disabilities.

The HubIT team consists of an IT specialist and two dialectologists. Additionally, the hub has hired freelancers working on the creation of accessible websites designed for companies and institutions and as well as testers who are persons with some kind of disabilities and have gone through online trainings and have gained knowledge to be able to test. Also they are working on their promotion and positioning on the market, but already have signed two contracts for two big companies, and a third one is on the horizon by the end of the year. Overall, promising start for HubIT and bright prospect that all of us can have equal access, treatment and chance.

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