Success stories

SMART START Macedonia: HumanaS – a social enterprise and provider of care for elderly at home

With the help of the Smart Start grant ” HumanaS” increased their capacities to provide nursing care for the elderly at home.

HumanaS apparently deserves to hold the noun "humane" in its own name. With the help of the Smart Start grant, they have increased their capacities to provide nursing care for the elderly at home.

Sashko Jovanov, one of the managers of this social enterprise, assures that placement of an individual in an unfamiliar environment can be a stressful and produce negative influence on his / her health condition and readiness to heal. According to him, there is plenty of evidence that individuals who are treated at home, show great progress bearing in mind that home atmosphere offers conditions for regular and expedient treatment. HumanaS have already made several contracts for such care. The care includes psycho-social support, as well as therapeutic support depending on the condition of the person.

Caregivers spend from 2-6 hours with the frail and old person who previously have received licensed training. From HumanaS, they plan to expand their activities by offering services and care for people with Alzheimer's disease and people with mental disabilities. From this social enterprise say that these services are excellent for those households where most people have daily and work responsibilities or the physical distance between them and the elderly person does not allow frequent and regular time spending. HumanaS receives a mentorship support for one Macedonian construction company, mostly in the sphere of graphic design and marketing – something that hopefully will trigger more visibility and contracts for HumanaS. 

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