Success stories


The first eco center for children in Skopje

The topics related to environmental protection are not sufficiently included in the curriculum for elementary education, whereas private educational centers are mainly focused towards the intellectual development of children, or offer content that serves as a basis for what has already been studied during school hours. The children educational center ZHABEC is one of the sub grantees in the framework of the Smart Start project and is quite successful in its mission.

Psychophysical development of children through lectures and interactive exercises related to environmental protection, ecology, cycling, mountaineering, sustainable living, healthy eating and emergency situations are some of the themes that are part of the weekly sessions in ZHABEC.

By now, around 12 children in one group are gathering each Wednesday and perform different tasks, exercises and games in order to advance their environmental knowledge and bridge the gap that the state school system cannot provide. Mitigating the growing spinal problems at, i.e. scoliosis and kyphosis is something that is targeted and consider it as very important in their mission, so that is why the physical exercises are paramount.

Additionally, ZHABEC linked with another MKD sub granted social enterprise, PEDALA – a bike center in Skopje and all together organized exclusive workshop on how to repair and maintain a bike as well as how to act as a responsible cyclist in the city traffic. The classes are organized at the Macedonian Museum of Natural History so very often there are situations when on spot children learn about different habitats and animals. To put it simply, ZHABEC compensate the missing link in the state education – environmental and resilience classes, something that all of us must be knowledgeable and familiarized on.

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